About the District of Supaul


Supaul district is a part of Koshi division. It came into existence in September 2001 and was earlier part of Saharsa district.


Latitude. – 25.93°, Longitude. – 86.2533333°

Timezone of Supaul is Asia/Calcutta

Supaul district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, India, and Supaul town is the administrative headquarters of this district.It was earlier part of Sahrsa District. Supaul has a population of 1,745,069. The four Sub divisions are Supaul, Birpur, Nirmali and Triveniganj. Paddy, wheat and maize are the main crops.Nearest airport is at Patna and railway station is at Supaul. By road, Supaul is linked with Sahrsa, Patna and Purnia .It’s headquarter is situated at Supaul which is approximately 240 KMs south from the state capital Patna. Supaul town is situated on the right side bank of the river Koshi.


The language spoken here is “MAITHILE”, a dialect of Hindi.


Supaul is situated 240 km south of Patna. The nearest airport is at Patna from where regular flights are available to all important towns and cities across the country. The nearest railway station is located at Supaul. By road, Supaul is efficiently linked with Sahrsa, Patna and Purnea


Supaul district is a predominantly agricultural district. The soil is fertile. This district is low dense populated. Paddy, Wheat, Pulses and Mango are the main agricultural crops raised by farmers in the district. bamboo is also grown in some parts of the district.

Industrial Area

There is no any industry in this area .The agriculter is the main source of income in this area.


The climate of Supaul is of extreme nature, i.e. very hot in the summers and biting cold in the winters.

Land Utilization

The total land available in the district is 2410Sq.K.M. Forest coverage is very small.

Administration Structure

There is Four sub-division and Eleven blocks in this district.